I have been involved on and off with Lean for 5-6 years but in the 2015 Dubbo Lean group, run by Tony Dunn, I decided to take it even more seriously. All our staff attended the introduction to Lean session and this created a foundation.

From there our Production Manager, Deependra Sapkota, and I attended our monthly Dubbo sessions plus an on-site visit to Thales in Lithgow.

That visit crystallised our training, with how simple it could be with visual displays and daily five minute stand up War Room meetings. We discuss our daily results and issues and whether performance is “in the green or in the red”. This visual indicator instantly created on average a 65% increase in productivity in production day in day out and that continues well over six months since that one visit. This is with no change of staff. The key was for myself to be measured on my performance in designs and sales exactly the same and whether I am “in the green or in the red”. 

Discipline and accountability starts with management. 

Lean is all about simplicity, visualisation and accountability at Atlex Stockyards. This helps staff, customers and profitability.

Ian Crafter - Atlex Stockyards, Dubbo

‘Wheeler Cycles Dubbo & Bathurst have been awarded Trek Australia’s Retailer of the Year award for 2015’. The Trek Australia Retailer of the Year award is given to the business that best encompasses the following key attributes:

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Committed to Continuous Improvement
  • Gives Back to the Local Community
  • Grows the business

Wheeler Cycles have shown a commitment to business growth and a continual drive to improve internal operations. Owners Tony and Sheri Dunn have a great team of staff that help drive their business forward. The Wheeler Cycles staff members and their customers have a great family atmosphere within each store. This family atmosphere and the drive to continually improve and give back to the local community are the reasons for Wheeler Cycles being awarded Trek Australia’s Retailer of the Year.

Jason Pye - CEO Trek Australia & NZ

Many independent businesses lack systems and process, which makes both the acquisition and integration process more challenging. Once getting into the due diligence of the deal, I was surprised and pleased to find the most organised business we have looked at over the last five years or so. Upon meeting the team and discussing what we planned to do we found a culture of belonging and one of real commitment. So much so that all of the team members came across to us with the purchase of the business and many are still with us today.

In any business negotiation there are highs and lows. I can say that throughout the process Tony and Sheri remained totally professional and took a very fair and reasonable approach to negotiating Win-Win outcomes for both parties. They are clear communicators who show tact and diplomacy, but at the same time have a clear goal and will stay focused on the required outcome.

They are high energy, personable and engaging to deal with. I hope to work with them again.

Steve Doyle - Managing Director, Leisure Retail Group

I have worked with Tony at North Parkes Mines during my tenure as Lean Program Manager. Tony was instrumental in creating a culture of continuous improvement. A lot of people have the technical skills, but don’t understand that sustainability of any continuous improvement depends on winning the hearts and minds of people doing the work. Tony does this naturally. One of the improvement project that he led is still being talked about after all these years. He left a lasting impression on the organisation. On a personal note, he is a great coach and mentor. He has inspired me to follow my heart. So, after all these years, I have now launched my own business. Thank you Tony.

Suda Nathan - North Parkes Mines